We Grow Companies

We are founders, technologists, investors, and company builders that work alongside entrepreneurs and companies to help build world-class, growth-focused organizations designed to scale successfully.

We thrive on solving difficult problems, on helping companies implement the structures to allow them to grow exponentially, and by directly contributing towards the bottom line.

Whether you need sales systems or new distribution channels developed, growth financing, story re-crafted, corporate governance, or back office support, Invisible Bridge will put together a strategy and execution plan tailored to get you from where you are to where you want to be. And then, even more importantly, we will bring in the team to help put that plan in place. It is never just strategy, it is always execution and implementation.

About US

By company builders, for company builders

Our job is to unlock value, support your foundation, fill the gaps, act as a sounding board, get the financing closed, and ultimately, put the pieces in place for the next financing, or milestone, or acquisition, or exit. Startups are hard. Scaling is hard. Growth is hard. Building the technology stack is hard. The good thing is that there are people and partners and services available to help you do what you do best. Invisible Bridge can work with your team, grow your team, fill the gaps, and help you put the pieces in place to get to where you need to get to.

Financing. Foundation. Scale. Growth

Collectively, we have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for early stage companies, taking them from a napkin through to exit. And we’ve done it multiple times. All that means is that we have some successes, some failures, we know a few of the right people, and we can help. Building companies is a process which takes hard work, some fortunate bounces, the right introductions, and bringing together teams that at the very least, allow for success. We can, and will, be able to help.

Although not exclusive, our focus is on connected devices and hardware as a service, data science and artificial intelligence, and enterprise focused software.

By providing vision, energy, and hands-on support, Invisible has the ability to marry the disruptive nature of a startup with the stability of a team that has built and exited companies in the past.


We build, fund, grow, and support great companies

Invisible Bridge is a venture growth studio which is an organization comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, strategists, builders, and investors that collectively have the funds, experience, relationships and patience to take a startup or early stage company through to scale, maturation, and exit.

Invisible Bridge works with companies that need growth and scale. In certain cases, these companies will have products developed, early revenue traction, solid technical teams, and are in need of operational support, market development, governance, growth financing, and a defined exit strategy. In other cases, Invisible Bridge will be involved much earlier, at the actual company creation stage, and will work as a co-founder to build management teams, support product development, and facilitate the initial financing.

Every company we work with has access to our spectacular suite of services. We do what we do, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Virtual senior management team such as board member services, acting senior management, and Virtual CFO
  • Corporate Development and Strategic Advisory
  • Initial Funding, Future Financing and Investor Relationship
  • Global Sales/channel development, Business Development, Project Management
  • Exit optimization (IPO or M&A)

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